365 - 'Tis a Gift to be Simple

Day 20

I like handmade gifts at Christmas.  I put a lot of love into the gifts I make.  I hope for simplicity, and the act of knitting makes me think of simplicity and makes me happy.  This year has been tough for me in regards to presents for my kids.  Cameron is at the age where he is really "wanting" certain things.  I put quotes around "wanting" because I do not believe he really does want things, he just thinks he wants them at the moment.  For example, today he wants an iPod.  Seriously?  My five year old wants an iPod.  When I asked him why he said that "so-and-so had one on the bus and he was playing games on it."  Oh boy.  I thought this problem would surface when he was about ten.  I'm at a loss.  I'm trying to find a balance between my "wanting" a simple Christmas (and a simple life) and the "wants" of the children.  Last year I made most of the gifts.  This year we have been shopping.  It's different, but I'm going with it...but Cameron is NOT getting an iPod this year!


  1. I too have been struggling this Christmas. Last year was exclusively handmade and waldorf. This year is all Disney princess and matchbox cars. I am really trying to balance my "wants" and their christmas dreams. *sigh*

  2. Princesses and matchbox cars are popular in our house too... I just want the kiddos to be happy and excited so I have been going with it :)

  3. Toy Story for Olivia, and Rudolph dolls. No princesses yet. For Cameron it is a Zhu Zhu pet. I don't even know what that is or if I'm spelling it right. The only thing I can do is go with it. I want their eyes to light up on Christmas. We have a fair balance of store-bought and handmade, so I think we will all be excited!


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