Ten Things Thursday - Fall 2010 Edition

Here we go! It's Fall, my favorite time of year. In celebration of this wonderful season, here are ten things I absolutely LOVE about Fall:

1.  Skeleton pajamas.  They look great when you dress up as a pirate and make pirate faces!

2.  Cows.  OK, so technically cows are around all the time, but I don't visit them all that much.  The Sandwich Fair has lots of cows and I do love the Sandwich Fair!

3.  Kids and cows at the Sandwich Fair.  Seriously, cows are just so sweet!  

4.  Baby cows in the orange glow of an October sunrise... at the Sandwich Fair.

5.  Woolen, handmade by Mama, hats and sweaters and mittens, oh my!  (Our first really cold Sandwich Fair experience in 10 years of attendance.)

6.  The kid cage.  Every year (except last year, but that is a whole other story for another day), we meet up with our dear friends and go to the Sandwich Fair.  At some point during the day the kids always end up in the tractor pull arena which we have nicknamed "The Kid Cage."

OK, so enought about the Sandwich Fair.  It is obvious my most favorite thing about Fall is the Sandwich Fair, but only because it contains so many of my favorite things and my favorite memories!

7.  Sunlight.  Yes, the sun is here every season, but there is a different glow about it in the fall.

8.  Golden leaves.  So pretty with the fall light shining through them.

9.  Friends in trees.  


10.  Corn mazes!  There are too many to choose from now.  We recently spent an evening at the Beans and Greens maze and it was fantastic.  Daddy was not with us, and the kids started to panic that I did not have the ability to lead them out.  It was pretty amusing.  They thought we would be stuck in the maze forever and of course they were tired and their feet hurt and they just couldn't walk anymore...

But even they could not deny the beauty that was around us and how great it was to spend all that time together lost in the corn field.

I will admit, the sun setting behind us was making my pace a little quick, but we did make it out and we even found the hidden treasure chest!

There was a bit of complaining in the form of "Mommy, I can't walk anymore!" and "When are we going to be done?" and "But Mommy, I don't think you are going the right way."  Mostly, though, the kids had a wonderful time.  Everytime we found a new letter or crossed over or under a different bridge they were energized and encouraged for about 18 seconds before the whining started again.  I really enjoyed myself.

So, there you are.  Ten fantastic reasons why I love fall!  What is your favorite thing about fall?

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  1. I love your fall list! Ours is very similar, but the fair we attend is in Topsfield, MA. I think my favorite all-around fall tradition though is apple picking (and apple pie making:-)

    My "10 things" this week were thrifty treasures, another fall favorite-- yard sailing!!

    Love those handknits on the kiddos:-)


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