Local Harvest, Local Friends

Look at these kids.  So happy just to be with each other.  Cameron and Mia have been friends since they were just a few weeks old, and now they are both almost 6!  

They really are besties and it is just so cute!

We went to Beans and Greens this past weekend with the Lynch family.  Kim and I have also been friends since Cameron and Mia were just a few weeks old.  

Kim brought their new member of the family, Charlie.  He's a sweetie!

Besties.  Their friendship is so natural and caring and it just makes me happy to watch them together!

Some of the local harvest at Beans and Greens.  I love local carrots.  They are short and stubby and look nothing like the carrots you buy in the grocery store.  Then there were these orange tomatoes and the color just struck me.

The famous Beans and Greens tee"pea".  I want one of these in my backyard.  It's awesome.  Fun to play in and enjoy a snack right off the vine.  

This guys shirt made me smile.  My dad has one.  

Happy couple.  This photo would be great if Tom and Damien could have stopped talking about "Machete" for five seconds, ha ha!

We had a fun day with our friends.  Looking forward to a fun-filled Fall.  Fairs, hikes, corn mazes, pumpkins, wool sweaters, cool breezes... I love Fall!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and sweet words Amanda! xoxoxoxo!


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