Opening Day!

Today is Opening Day for Laconia Little League!  Cameron is soooooo excited.  Yesterday we went to the field to practice fielding balls, hitting and running the bases.

All the kids were ready to catch the ball.  Cameron was 
the only one with a glove, though!

He's getting pretty good at fielding.

Hey, Little Cameron, where are you going?
Get back here!

Olivia sat down and bossed Jackson around for a little while.
Jackson didn't listen.

Cameron practiced running the bases for when he hits a home run tomorrow!

This pair ran the bases holding hands.
It was pretty cute!

OK, that's enough.  Time for a break.
Checking out what's going on over at the playground :)

When we got home Cameron had to try on his uniform.  I got a 
little teary-eyed.  It suddenly made him look all grown up.  I am so
not ready for this!  

Yup, #1 because he's the shortest kid on the team, ha ha!

Looking forward to Opening Day festivities.  Game time, 10 a.m.

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