Let's Play Ball!

On Saturday Laconia Little League celebrated Opening Day of baseball and softball season.  I really had no idea what a huge event it is for this city!  I took a ton of photos, but I'm going to narrow it down to a few of my favorites, just because there are 15 more games and a lot more photos to share.  I don't want any overkill :)

The day started with a parade down Main Street all the way to Opechee Park.  I think it's at least a mile, if not more.  That's a long way for people with tiny legs!  I had Olivia in the backpack and we walked from the park to the start of the parade and then back again.  What a great workout!

I LOVE Cameron in his little baseball pants with no bum!
Too cute!

When the hundreds of kids made it all the way to Colby Field, the opening ceremony began.  I don't want to post photos because there are other kids' faces in the pictures and I don't have permission from their parents, but I can post these pictures.  One of the founding fathers of Laconia Little League passed away and they dedicated this bench to him.  Two of the other founding fathers were in attendance and one has the field named after him.  It was pretty emotional and I didn't even know any of them!

Our Mayor, Mayor Seymour and one of Laconia's finest.  They are 
public figures, so I can post their photos.

Cameron enjoys a pre-game doughnut thanks to Coach Brian.
I almost said no, but every other kid on the team was 
having one... and so it begins!

Cam takes center field.  No balls ever made it that far, but
he did a great job backing up every other ball that was hit.

First at-bat.  He doesn't miss and made it all the way to 
first base (everyone does!)

His next position was catcher.  I love these photos!  These kids love
equipment, Cameron included.  If they can wear a helmet they are
the happiest kids in the world!

The proud Daddy looks on.  He has to try really hard not
to coach from the sidelines and I have to constantly remind him.
It's hard, but these kids need to learn to listen to the coach!

Olivia played with Grammy and Paw Paw and
ate a lot of snacks!

Cam's last at-bat.

Cameron really enjoys t-ball.  I only want him to do what he enjoys.  When I sign him up for sports I always keep in mind that he might not actually like it, and if he doesn't, it's OK.  Sometimes, when we parents act overly interested in our kids joining sports, we are greeted with resistance.  The sport becomes for the child something that we (the parents) want them to do instead of something they want to do.  Before we sign our kids up for anything we ask them if they want to do it.  They usually say yes, but sometimes they say no, and that's OK.  I watch Cameron playing T-Ball and I don't think, "Oh, he could be a great baseball star one day if he keeps at it," I think, "Wow, he sure is having fun!"  

It's the same with everything he does.  When he draws a beautiful picture I don't think "Wow, maybe he'll be an artist."  Instead I am thinking, "Wow, what a beautiful photo from my beautiful boy."  It's about living in the now.  It's about my Sunday Citar quote, "Little Boy, you remind me how so much depends on days made of now."  We are learning to live in the moment, not the past or the future.  It makes our days more magical.  Enjoy your moments!

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  1. Suck great shots! Cam looks like he's having a ball (no pun intended!) We'll have to make it out to cheer on team WB!!!


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