W.I.P. Wednesday #13

I was recently lamenting that I was feeling uninspired by my knitting projects as of late.  I have been knitting small, simple items by request.  Most recently a doll sweater and a pair of mittens.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy knitting no matter what the project, but sometimes I long for a project that challenges me and that I feel pride about completing.

Then I remembered my thoughtful husband's Christmas gift.  My most favorite yarn store is The Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH.  Damien left his comfort zone and went into the yarn store and picked out some beautiful Frog Tree Alpaca sport weight yarn and a pattern for a hat to make for me!  I set it aside at the time because I had a list of projects to complete, and in complete honesty, the pattern seemed daunting at first glance.  I set it aside and forgot completely about it until now.  It is exactly the challenge and inspiration I have been looking for.

The pattern is an Elegant Ewe original called "Adult Brioche Hat with Earflaps" by Kelly Bridges.  It says "perfect for the men in your lives" but he selected some very feminine yarn colors, so I just know he was thinking of me.

I cast on last night and completed the first Brioche Row and the first few rows of the first earflap.  My thoughts drifted to how beautiful and soft the yarn was and how warm I would be when it was finished.  Then, I lost count.  I was knitting and turning and knitting and turning; different numbers of stitches each row.  I couldn't figure out where I made my mistake so I started over.  Thankfully the Olympics were on and I didn't mind staying up a little longer (although Jacobellis' semi-final round was painful to watch).

So, here it is.  This week's WIP.  I am loving everything about this hat.  The feel of the yarn, the challenge of the pattern and the fact that it was a wonderful and thoughtful gift from my man!  Thanks baby! 

Stay tuned as I have something very exciting to share with you later today!!!!!!  For now, I'll keep you guessing.  Happy WIP Wednesday everyone!

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