Ten Things Thursday

Ten Jobs I have had:

  1. Gas station attendant.  Yes, I pumped gas and washed windows.
  2. Baker's assistant.  Gained the freshman 15 the summer before I went to college.
  3. Waitress.  Many different establishments.  The shortest of which was Friendly's when I was a sophomore in college.  I quit the same day I started! 
  4. Dish washer.  Every Saturday and Sunday morning at the dining hall at Ithaca College.  
  5. DMV counter clerk.  $100 to restore your license from suspension, please?
  6. 9-1-1 administrator.  Paid bills.  Boring job, but fun people!
  7. Homeland Security Grant Specialist.  Just for NH, but cool nonetheless.
  8. Wedding videographer.  Self-employed.  Just for kicks!
  9. Daycare provider.  Love me a little baby that I can give back at the end of the day!
  10. Stay-at-home-mommy.  By far the greatest job with the greatest reward.
What jobs have you had in your lifetime?  Your favorite?


  1. My mom was a Friendly's waitress. It's where she met my dad. :)

  2. Lots of retail and day care jobs. Plus, the salon. SAHM is by far my favorite too.

  3. oooh fun post...retail, museum work, lifeguard, swim instructor, ballet teacher, french teacher....nothing too funny I guess nothing too awful either.

  4. hmmm lets see, retail(the clothing store 5-7-9 and fashion bug haha), a deli, coffee shop, health food store, pediatric office and an animal hospital :)

  5. Thanks for all your comments :) This is a fun post! Christa, I remember 5-7-9. What a flashback!


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