Cam's Party

We had a family gathering to celebrate Cameron turning 5. 








It was lots of fun!  Small gatherings are definitely the way to go.  Cameron enjoyed being with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents and it was low-stress for me.  We will be having a party later this week with all of his classmates, but that is also low-stress as we are having it at a venue and it's more of a play date than a birthday party.  In lieu of gifts we have requested donations of warm hats and mittens to give to children in need.


  1. Ha-ha-ha!!! In the first picture, Olivia looks like the sweetest girl in the world....but then I like the follow-up "mad" face too. :)

    Here's to hoping Charlotte's party will be just as non-stressful! See you then! By the way, feel free to stay the day!

  2. I'm glad he had a fun party. As we were walking out the door he offered Aidyn to take home his train to borrow it. He's a sweetie.


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