Olivia loves snowmen.  Actually, I do not think love is a strong enough word for the emotion she feels toward snowmen (as you can see above.)

Olivia sings all the words to Frosty the Snowman.  Sometimes the words get jumbled, but she gets them all in and I think it is the sweetest song in the world when she sings it.

We have two snowmen in front of our house now.  I told the kids that every time there is fresh snow a snow fairy comes and makes a snowman.  Damien is in for a very long winter!  :)  We will probably have to ask the neighbors if we can borrow their yards.

Olivia giving her snowman a hug.

Cameron and Olivia posing with their snowmen.

Our beautiful happy home all decorated with lights and snowmen.

I think he's pretty handsome :)
Cameron with the biggest snowball ever!

Some of our favorite books right now include Snowmen at Night, Snowmen at Christmas and of course The Night Before Christmas, which Cameron can almost recite word-for-word!


  1. I made a snowman on Sunday and then the rain pushed it over 2 hours later! I was heartbroken! :)
    Your snowmen, however, look very solid! You should post a video of Olivia singing the song; I bet it is really precious.

  2. Great snowmen! We tried making one last week and the snow was too fluffy. We'll have to try again soon.

    Snowmen at Night and The Night Before Christmas are Aidyn's favorite too! I love them just as much.


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