No TV November - Day 5 of 30

I think I'm going through withdrawal.  Tonight is a great TV night for grown ups.  Damien and Tyler are watching "Community" right now.  I'm blogging and going to bed with my book (and my cute little kiddos).

Cameron has not asked for TV in two days.  Olivia, as usual, did not ask either.  We went to storytime at the library this morning.  My friend Mzchef and I walk there every Thursday.  Gail read "Where the Wild Things Are" and a book called "November".  After the stories the kids traced their hands to make turkeys.  Olivia wanted to cut her paper fingers off.  I knew if I let her she would be sad after she did it so I kept saying, "Ouch, don't cut your fingers off."  She didn't.

Cameron was at school today.  When he came home, Olivia the napless wonder was acting like a maniac, which of course made Beastie and Cameron act like maniacs too.  Thankfully I had to leave for work.  I felt a little guilty about leaving Damien and Tyler with the Crazy Bunch, especially during No TV November.  But the report was good.  No TV, but lots of dressing up in costume.

The kids fell asleep in record time tonight :)


  1. Well, I guess this is the first week of shows you are missing so it is natural to miss them! Just DVR them and watch them in December but I suspect, like Cameron, once you miss a couple episodes you may not care if you catch up or not!

    I took myself pretty much off of Facebook a couple months ago because I was spending way too much time on it and putting too much effort in. The first few days of my withdrawal were tough but then I slowly let go and now I don't care a hoot about it anymore!! :)

  2. I think the only show I'll really miss is "Glee" and I will DVR that one. Everything else will be missed, but I don't think I'll try catching up. Apparently "Glee" didn't actually run this week because of those Damn Yankees :) The one time I will actually show an appreciation for them!

    I hear you about Facebook. I try to limit my time to evening right before I go to bed. Sometimes it's the only way I keep in touch with some people, so I don't ignore it for too long :)


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