No TV November - Day 4 of 30

Cameron told his Nana, "We are not watching any TV in November."  What did Nana do?  She showed Cameron the calendar month of November.  "Wow, that's a lot of days," he says.

Eh, it's not that long.  We're already on day 4 and doing quite well.  In fact, Cameron woke up this morning and never even mentioned TV.  We took our showers and our new thing now is blow drying our hair.  All of us do it.  Cameron, Olivia and I.  Not Damien, he has no hair!  Dressed and ready by 6:30 a.m.  We put on some music and danced until Baby Cameron and Maria came to our house. 

Damien and I had an appointment so we left the children with my parents.  When we arrived home it was very apparent that the TV had not been turned on.  There were toys everywhere!  The kids were having a blast.

Damien is watching TV right now, but I am sticking to my personal restriction.  I'm reading a really great book called "The Law of Similars" by Chris Bohjalian.  I started it over a year ago, but now I have time to finish it.

I feel like I need an addendum to yesterday's post and disclaimer.  I received a couple comments from two wonderful women and mommies that really got me thinking.  Sometimes when I am writing I am trying so hard not to offend anyone that I think my point is not exactly on target.  Here is the point I am always trying to make whenever I post about parenting:

We are all in this together, whether we like it or not.  We are all trying to do what is best for our     families.  While we may not all agree on the style or approach, as long as the motive behind it is out of love for a child, we can all learn something from each other.  I am inspired by all of the wonderful parents I have come to know; friends, family, and bloggers alike.  Stay At Home or Work From Home or Work Away From Home, we are all still Mommies doing what we need to do for our families.  Keep being the best parents you can be!

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