It's Late - Great Time for a Vegan Update

It is midnight on Saturday.  What a busy, busy Friday I had.

First, I need to set an alarm.  These late nights are messing with my internal clock.  I awoke at 7:24 and jumped out of bed.  My WHOLE family was sleeping, which, if you know us, is a miracle in itself.  I came downstairs just in time for my first child to arrive.  Phew!  It was cold this morning.  It would have been awful if they would have had to stand outside any longer than 10 seconds.

In addition to my own children today, I had three others.  Yup, that's five children in my house today.  After Maria's Mom, my friend Lauren, came to pick her up at 9:30, our busy day began!  We were out of the house by 10 a.m., not to return for any substantial amount of time until 5 p.m. when I had to leave for work!

Cameron got a hair cut at 11.  Gosh is he cute!  Like a little Zac Efron.  He did so well at the hair salon.  His stylist thought he was very well behaved and absolutely adorable.  Of course, I agreed.

When I got home I fed the two year olds and sent Cameron off with his Daddy to Pizza Hut with Grammy and Paw Paw.  Apparently they had a wonderful time.  I packed up the two year olds and the wee little baby and we headed to the playground.  It was quite chilly, so we were not gone long.

When we got home it was nap time.  Cameron came home to help me put the little ones to bed.  By 12:15 they were all sound asleep which gave me some much needed time with my big boy.  We headed out for some retail therapy.  My new Vegan cook books arrived and I needed to stock up on kitchen tools and supplies so I could be ready for all these new recipes I'm going to try.  We didn't get back until late afternoon, right before the little ones all awoke from their naps.  By that time I needed to get ready for work.  But I felt great!  The shopping spree was just what I needed to lighten my mood and prepare me for a long night at work.

The last couple of nights we have had to leave my kids with Uncley Tyler.  In the past this has gone off without a hitch, but for some reason Olivia has now taken to tantrums when left without Mommy or Daddy.  Wednesday night she was so upset she put herself to bed.  Last night she had her friend Beastie to help get her out of her mood.  Tonight I left her with Daddy, so all was well in her world.

So, I just got home.  It's after midnight and I can't seem to unwind.  I had been avoiding all things computer since early this morning and thought this would be a good time to blog.  If you haven't read my facebook in a while you may not know that I announced I would be going Vegan.  I ordered some books and discovered that I cannot actually be a Vegan.  I know, tragedy, right?  It turns out that Vegans cannot wear wool.  What???  After further research I do understand from a Vegan standpoint why, but I draw the line there.  I may follow a more Vegan than vegetarian diet, but the wool thing has got me in a bind.  I can't be a Vegan.  Sorry if this disappoints anyone :)

Anyway, that's my midnight ramblings.  Hopefully there will not be anymore busy days like this this week.  I'm exhausted!


  1. You'll be able to eat cheese still, right?

    Doesn't it do Sheep a favor to be sheared?

    If they aren't sheared, doesn't their wool get heavy and matted?

    Plus, it is done in the spring, so they don't get too hot for summer?

  2. So apparently a lot of sheep farms sheer their sheep in the fall in addition to spring, leaving them exposed to the winter elements. Sometimes they have a full heavy coat in summer and are exposed to high temperatures. They have also been cross-bred to have extra folds of skin to yield more wool causing insects to infest in the folds of the skin. I bet there are some farms out there that do not operate this way, and I will seek out their wool.

    I think I'll still eat cheese, but my Vegan cookbook has some great recipes to help me cut back on dairy just a little.

  3. No kidding?! Poor naked little sheep. That makes me feel bad for the too cold/too hot little animals.

  4. Mzchef uses nicknames on her blog for everyone in her life. Mine is Hugandkiss. Check out Mitchell Mayhem. It's a great blog!


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