Random Wonderfulness

On Saturday we went for a walk with the Lynch family. The weather was beautiful. Cold, but sunny. Olivia is officially one of the big kids. She walked with Cameron and Mia most of the way. Damien carried her a bit, but when she walked, she really walked. Cameron and Mia were so cute with her too! They held her hands and ran with her. There were a few tumbles, but no serious injuries. No one even shed a tear! Oh they grow up way too fast!

Here is my baby girl in all her silliness! She and I went shopping together on Saturday evening. My mission was to get her some jeans, because all of a sudden she is wearing 2T! She'll be okay in 24 months dresses for the summer, but she absolutely needs 2T pants. It's crazy! We went to Osh Kosh and picked out some jeans, but when we walked by the pajama rack Olivia stopped, pointed and exclaimed, "Little Mermaid!" Then, I swear, she actually said, "Mama, I want it." And I so wanted her to have it, because the whole scene was just too cute! So she got her mermaid nightgown and this cute summer hat (99 cents). When we got home she took it all out and made me put everything on her. The hat, the jeans and the nightgown. She wears the nightgown anytime she sees it!
Last night we got out the finger paints. There are not many things more entertaining than watching my children fingerpaint! They start off slowly, dipping a finger, making a line. But then, before you know it, their hands are covered, they are squishing and smearing and accidentally wiping their brow. It's so funny! Olivia was so proud of her green hands.

Cameron doesn't look thrilled in this photo, but he was having a great time. He painted about five paintings before calling it quits!

The wonderfulness abounds in our home. The time I spend with my children is cherished above no other thing.

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  1. I did love that walk! Watching our kids have fun and be silly together and actually chatting as we walked. It was great...much more of that to come!!!


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