Pretty Potholder

I still had a bunch of fabric leftover from the curtains and cushions, so I decided to make some more things for the kitchen. I made four potholders using all leftover fabric and old receiving blankets as the batting. Next up is a placemat for the center island.


  1. Beautiful!! You should hang it on the wall instead of using it! : )

    Can I put in an order for a new fruit hat for Charlotte for the fall? Just tell me how much and I will pay! I love her strawberry hat.

  2. Love it.. and great idea for the receiving blankets! I will have to do that! Love your top blog photo! Olivia's hair is great! They look like true rockstars!

  3. I love handmade potholders. We made them for people a few years ago for Christmas. Also, my Great Grandmother gave me a whole bunch of ones that she made years ago and never used. They are so bright and pretty! Yesterday, I actually took out a bunch of quilt squares that I never used thinking I may be able to somehow find time to make a couple more :).

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  4. You are such the crafty queen! I love the fabrics for your stools and curtains. Nice work!


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