Sunshine and Leg Warmies

It's February. While it is very cold outside, the sun is shining. Not only is it shining, but it is staying around longer, which to me means Spring is right around the corner!

The girls enjoyed the sun coming through the window in the kitchen.

I knit these leg warmies for Olivia in January and she wears them almost every day. I plan to knit some more of them for next winter. Add it to my cue. Notice Olivia is still holding "my people".


  1. The light is so cool in those pics!

  2. Love the leg warmers. Charlotte wears the ones you made for her often and she receives so many compliments on them.

    Make sure you post some video when you get Olivia to say "my peeps". he-he.

  3. Good job on those leggings, Amanda. :) You are a very crafty lady!

    Hope to see you sometime,



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