Obama Llama

Olivia has a few obsessions. Once of them is Barack Obama. Another is Llama Llama Red Pajama. A few times, when I have showed her a photo of our awesome new President, she has called him Obama Llama. It's pretty funny!

Well, last night, Olivia and I were watching Obama address the nation. During his question and answer session, the camera showed one of the reporters and Olivia said, "Llama Mama?" I thought she was getting the Obama Llama confusion again. Then they showed the reporter again and she said, "Llama Mama?" It was then that I realized that the poor woman did in fact look like the Llama Mama from Olivia's favorite books. I had a really good chuckle about it, and then I explained to Olivia that the woman was a reporter, not Llama Mama. I think it went over her head!


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