Movie Night

Last night was movie night. Cameron, Olivia, Nana and I went to the movie store to pick out a movie. Cameron wanted something with robots and picked up "The Iron Giant". I had never seen it before, but I read the back and it seemed OK. Well, apparently I'm not good at picking out movies either.

This movie was cute. It was definitely right up Cam's ally, but also a little scary. Not to mention the robot, the nice hero of the movie who Cameron fell in love with, gets blown up at the end. Cameron was so upset. He cried, which made Olivia cry, and then, of course, I cried. Well, we kept watching and it turns out that the robot puts himself back together, but it was still pretty traumatic. Again, though, no lasting negative effects. Now we just have to reenact the movie with Cameron's toys. It's kind of fun, the first couple of times.

Yes, she looks frightened, but she's OK. She was sad anytime the robot fell down. On a side note, see the Playmobil people in the bottom left corner of the first photo? Olivia has taken a liking to them. There are four of them and she carries them around saying, "My people." She takes them to bed and lays them next to her and covers them with the blanket. "Night night, people." She's so funny!

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  1. I wish I had known. I own the DVD and could have saved you the rental fee. Oh well.


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