Busy Me

Ah, vacation. It just so happens that my winter break fell on the same week as Damien's "Kelly Week" at the Fire Department (5 days off) and annual week off from the Post Office. So we took a family trip to NY to see Jennifer and Evelyn while Nate was away at military training. On the way there I knitted. Knitting has evolved into a peaceful, leisurely activity for me. I am knitting for the pure pleasure of creation and the end result of seeing my children in their handmade knits!

I call this my "Six Day Sweater" because it only took me 6 days from start to finish! It is knit using yarn from a local NH farm and Knitting Pure and Simple Tunic 232.

Then I knit the Ann Norling fruit hat using super soft merino wool. The hat only took me about 4 hours of total knitting time, so I made two. One for Olivia and one for Maria whose Mommy gave me the yarn (thank you).

After Cameron took the sweater off Olivia wanted to put it on. She wore it for a couple of hours this morning with her eggplant hat. She was so warm, and kind enough to model for me!

I forgot my camera for our trip to NY. Hopefully Jennifer will send me some so I can post them. We had a blast! The kids really enjoyed playing and I taught Jennifer and Lisa how to knit.


  1. My my, you have been busy! I love your new knits, you are doing amazing work! I on the other hand haven't knit a stitch since before Christmas. Here we are almost into March and I'm still slacking on my New Years Resolution, arrgh! You are an inspiration to pick up the needles!

  2. The sweater and hat came out gorgeous! Bravo!

  3. Olivia looks super cute in the sweater and hat. Glad you had fun in NY. I'm hoping to visit them over April vacation. It's been too long since I've see Evelyn!

  4. wow you are quite the knitter! They look great. I have always wanted to make a veggie hat!

  5. Yeah, the knits are beautiful! So glad to see you here again. I checked earlier--maybe you were updating or something?--and there were no posts at all. Mystery. Glad you and the kids are warm and well!

  6. I think Bekah has the very same hat, but in a blueberry color...blue bottome with a green stem! I wonder if it's the same pattern...it was a hand me down. You are just a knitting fiend...my goodness. Isn't it nice when you find something you can fit into those spare moments of time??

  7. Nap time and when the kids go to bed, I take out my needles and knit while listening to Pandora (thanks Jen!). Thanks for the compliments ladies!


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