O Christmas Tree

Every year we get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and it is up and decorated by Sunday evening. This year was no exception. It was freezing outside, so I made sure that Damien made up his mind rather quickly, and we still ended up with a beautiful tree. We also got Cameron his own little tree, with plans to put it in his room. Well, we got home and had to convince him it couldn't go in the front window, but compromised and let him put it in the corner in the living room.

Finding the perfect tree. We opted not to cut our own this year, but will start that tradition again next year!

OK, no one is crying, that's good!

Olivia got in on the action this year! Sniff, my baby girl is growing up...

Inspecting her work.

Cameron enjoying his coffee (milk).

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  1. Well, you have been busy! Good for you for being so organized. We don't even have our tree yet. Perhaps that will be our tradition - putting it up 3 days before Christmas - like last year!! :)

    Happy Holidays - Sevin Family - May God Bless you all.



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