Motrin Makes Me Mad - Update

Update: Since my post below, Motrin's site is not viewable. The ad can probably be found on You Tube if you still haven't seen it.

Please read Babywearing International, Inc.'s letter to McNeil Consumer Healthcare and their ideas for what should be done to fix this. I had no idea, until reading this site, that the ad ran during International Babywearing Week.

Babywearing International, Inc. - Letter

I have been reading some other blogs that are saying that Moms who are offended by this are just whiners and that we should pick more important issues to be concerned and outraged about. Well, I am concerned and outraged about many issues and address those when they need to be addressed. This is happening now, so we need to talk about it now. I will always speak up when I don't agree with something.

My original post:

Babywearing Mamas, prepare to be outraged! Watch this Anti-Babywearing ad via the link below:


That actually made me physically ill to watch. The reason why we wear our babies is because it's in fashion? Seriously???? We do it so we look like an "official Mom"? Are you kidding me??? We do it because we feel it is the absolute best choice for our babies and we LOVE our babies.


Please join me in sending e-mails to Motrin to explain the real reasons we wear babies, that wearing them correctly is NOT painful, and that if you ever were in pain you would definitely NOT take Motrin! (If you want to, of course :)



  1. Oh my word! Who made this ad?? Some old guy who has obviously never worn a baby? We carried our kids in slings, Bjorns, Kelties and Ergos and never needed pain medication for a moment. What the heck? It would be bad enough to come up with those reasons if there was Pain, but it's like the ad doesn't even make sense because slings, etc are not painful to wear! What anti-baby messages will American corporations come up with next? Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Exactly!!! I carried Olivia in a Maya Wrap until she was 13 months! Now I walk to the library with her on my back pulling a wagon with three kids in it! Yes, I'm tired, but I have NEVER been in pain! And I don't ask for a badge of honor, either. I do it because I want to, not to make other people think I want to.

  3. Grr grr grrr grrrrrrrrrr. Outrageous...thanks for bringing this to our attention....can we have somesort of baby-wearing, um wear-in?????

  4. I was thinking that exact same thing. A wear-in, but where would we do it?


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