What's for Dinner?

I invited the Lynch family over for dinner tonight with plans for Pad Thai. When Tom dropped Ben off this morning I asked him how dinner at Auntie's house went (Caitlyn). He said it was good. I asked what she made and he said Pad Thai. I thought he was joking! He wasn't. I'm sure Caitlyn has been secretly reading my blog and wanted to show me up :) I was really looking forward to Pad Thai, but I'll have that on Saturday night. Tonight I made Lentil Herder's Pie and it was delicious. It is a little more involved than my other meals, but it was totally worth it. Kim went home with leftovers for her lunch tomorrow. It was so wonderful having company for dinner. My children are wonderful, but it's nice to have some adult conversation at dinner-time.

On another subject, after lunch today I asked the kids to play quietly before story time so I could clean the kitchen. After five minutes I noticed it was very quiet, so I went to the play room to spy. Ben and Olivia were quietly playing with the kitchen set and Cameron was sitting on the toy box, leg crossed, reading "Diary of a Worm". It was so cute! He is growing into such a big boy right before my eyes!

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