First Day of School

Cameron went to school today! Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the first day. I'll have to stage one when I can find my camera. He was upset this morning. He really didn't want to go. He cried, he fought. He woke up this morning and his first words were, "I'm never, ever going to school." "Great," I thought, "this ought to be a fun morning," but he got in the car with me. This was the conversation on the way there:

Cam: "Mommy, will Kim be there?"
Me: "Yes. She's right upstairs. If you need her, just ask your teacher."
Cam: "Will you come get me after school?"
Me: "Kim is bringing you home with Mia."
Cam: "OK, I'll go to school."

When we got there he was greeted with happy hellos from Mia and all his new classmates. Then he took off while I was putting his things away and getting him ready for his field trip to Beans and Greens. When I was about to leave I turned to find him. He was playing with Mia, so I waved to get his attention. I thought he would come running to say goodbye, but he just waved from across the room and said "Bye". I asked if I could have a hug and he came running over with Mia. I burst into tears so I had to hurry away. Mrs. Bownes gave me a hug and reassured me it would be OK, and to be happy that he wants to be there. I know she's right, but this is so hard. You Moms out there who have to do this every day, I'm so sorry. You might be wondering why I would choose to send him away when I don't have to, and honestly, right now I'm wondering the same thing myself. But it's only two days, and he is going to LOVE it. Wow, this is so hard!


  1. Awwww you're definitely doing the right thing and you're right-- he will love it! It sounds like he's in good hands and just think how excited he's going to be when he comes home to you to tell you all about his day!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I remember Ian's first day of pre-school, I cried my eyes out! It will get better, I promise! He's going to love it, and you will learn to love it too :) Can't wait to hear about his first day!


  3. Oh Amanda...you're not "sending him away!" He's going to school! He's getting enrichment, socialization and a chance to flourish in a new environment. Trust me, when I went to check in on the kids today, he didn't look like a little boy being "sent away" by his mother--but instead a happy, healthy and curious boy painting and making a mess that YOU don't have to pick up! He's going to love it...and although I bet he's a bit tired and cranky tonight...he's going to be excited to go again!

    I know exactly what you mean about him not running to give you a hug goodbye...often when I go get Mia she says "what are you doing here?" and "I don't want to leave!" I can't believe the kids are getting sooo big...ahhhh...motherhood. Love & hugs to you and Cameron (who gave me some good ones today at school, by the way!)

  4. Oh, it is so hard. I think I am kind of numb to it now, and am glad to have summers to remind me the joy/trials of being home full-time. I am loving hearing Eli's stories from pre-school now, that I am sure you will get from Cameron too. Daily "jobs" like weather-man or lights-out person, antics with friends and new songs keep us highly entertained each night. When he tells us some of the things from school we are jealous and realize that they are doing much more with him than we sometimes do at home. The teachers are professionals after all! And things like the alphabet, which Eli had no interest in over the summer, he is more engaged with because it's coming from someone other than me. And you'll have so much more time with Olivia, too! Good luck as you get used to the new program.

  5. I agree with the previous two comments. You are not leaving him-- he's going to learn and socialize and have a grand time. It is hard but so much easier he has Mia and soon lots of other friends to keep him happy. Cole loves school but at the end of the day he is always ready to come home and snuggle with his Mommy. : )

  6. Thanks everyone! I felt better after two phone calls from Kim during the day telling me he was fine. Thanks Kim! He keeps saying he doesn't want to go back, but I bet he is sensing my anxiety and playing off of it. He was exhausted, but he had a wonderful day!


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