A Day at the Coast

Damien and I recently enjoyed a day together with the children and my parents at Odiorne Point in Rye, NH. I haven't been there in quite some time and I don't know why. It's such a wonderful place to bring children, take in beautiful ocean views, picnic and search the tide pools. The weather was perfect and the company was even better!

Cameron had a lot of fun looking for crabs in the tide pools. The tide was coming in, so they couldn't look for very long. Some other children found a bunch of crabs and let Cameron look at them. When Cameron caught up to me later he told me, "Mommy, I found the leg of a dead crab!" Awesome!!

Olivia and Grampa did their own searching, but after a while went back to the playground. I think Grampa was a little scared he might lose her in the tide!

Odiorne Point was actually a military fort during WWII. There is a bunker that you can walk on top of and walk into if you so desire. When I was little I loved climbing to the top and playing on the "forest" up there. I thought it was so neat that trees grew on top of a building. I didn't really comprehend the whole "fort" thing at that time. When we first approached the bunker you could see the huge metal doors. My Dad told Cameron that the Grinch lived in there. Cameron and Olivia got a kick out of Damien knocking on the door. The first photo in this post of my beautiful family was taken at the top of the bunker.

This is everyone coming down from the bunker on our way to find an open entrance so we can try to find the Grinch!

The door was open on the other side, so we went in. It was cold and very, very dark inside. Cameron didn't want to go in so he guarded the door. Olivia went in with Damien and I, but eventually realized she couldn't really see anything and got a little freaked out.

My Mom met us around noon for a picnic. I was too busy eating to take photos, so I only got this one of Olivia putting the cover on and off of the fruit salad container!

After lunch my Dad had to go to work :( The rest of us headed over to the Seacoast Science Center. It's a small building packed with tons of sea life exhibits, including a tide pool where Cameron got to touch starfish, snails and hermit crabs. We also did a scavenger hunt and Cameron was very excited to find all the different items. We had to find a dingy, a radar, a blue lobster and a bunch of other stuff. When he was finished he was excited to receive a fish sticker for all his hard work.

Of course, after the Science Center we had to go back to the "Grinch House" and show Nana the really cool climbing tree. It was a wonderful day!

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