Protect Your Noggin!

Damien and I decided it was time to get Cameron used to wearing a bike helmet, so when we were visiting my parents and my Nana, we stopped and got him this sweet bug bike helmet. I was nervous that he wouldn't want to try it on, but all we had to do was have Grampa put his own bike helmet on (forgot to get a photo) and we were all set. Now, all he wants to do is wear his helmet and ride his tricycle.

He's so funny on the tricycle! He can pedal all the way up and down my parents driveway and he goes pretty fast. When he wants to go fast, he scrunches down behind the handle bars and makes a really silly face. It's so cute!


  1. So cute! Is that first picture his "fast face"?

  2. That's great! We have a bright red monkey helmet that the boys share right now. We can't do bikes in our driveway, but they are using the helmet for their HIPPO (horse) Therapy!


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