Family Time

Today we visited Kelly, Brendan, Cole and Charlotte, and for the first time we got to swim in their pool! Yea! It was really nice. Uncle Brendan was being really silly with the boys in the boat and they were laughing and having a great time. Olivia also had her share of fun. After watching Cole, Cameron really got into jumping into the pool! I think Kim is right, our kids will actually be swimming next summer, yikes! It was so much fun (except when Damien caused a minor accident!) Everyone is fine, don't worry!

The boys all went to see "Wall-E", Cameron's second time. Kelly and I enjoyed some girl time and played with our beautiful babies. Olivia LOVES babies. Here she is loving Charlotte a little too much...

But this photo is much nicer. Thanks for the wonderful time BKCC. I love spending time with you and watching our children play together!


  1. It cracks me up when kids give their love via the strangle hold!! :)

  2. Hey DACO-- I'll address your Christmas cards this way from now on, it is much easier! : )

    We had a great time too but I did check on Cole many times last night! : ) Mommies are like that!

    See you soon-


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