Busy Week Update #2

Friday was Water Country day! Woo hoo! This would mark my third WC trip this season. Of course, I got there and realized I had only packed my bathing suit top, not the bottom. I had to buy a bathing suit in the gift shop. So silly! Thank goodness for my Mom's employee discount :)

Cameron went on the Octopus slides about 200 times, often with Treasure, but also by himself. I didn't feel badly about missing swim lessons because he was crawling around like an alligator after every slide. Cameron also went on the "big white slide" or "Geronimo on a Tube" with Uncle Nate. It's nice to have a grown-up kid (Nate) with us to take all the other kids on the slides! Thanks bro!

Olivia and Evelyn played in the shallow pools and after a lot of walking around they both fell asleep with Grampa. The big kids were gone most of the day (Nate included) going on all the slides. I didn't see them much except when they came back to eat.

It was a tiring, but very pleasant day!


  1. Good lord! I am exhausted just reading! Yikes...you guys had fun...now, when does your extended recupereating nap begin? We still got to make it to Water Country this summer...

  2. For some reason, I could not leave a comment on your "Girl's Night Out" blog. I was going to say "Aren't girlfriends the BEST?" Who else could you not see for 15 years and then talk as if you saw them yesterday? :)

    On this blog - I say - "What FUN!" You all look like you are having the time of your life. Cameron is getting SO big!

  3. Looks like so much fun! Love the picture of Nate and Cameron on the water slide, too funny! We have yet to make it over to Water Country. We tried out the new Liquid Planet park in Candia and they only had two water slides both of which Ian was too short for. He was SO bummed!! Anyways, glad you are enjoying your summer so much!



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