Pantry Challenge

Well, my pantry is overstuffed with pasta, cans of tuna, soups, etc. It is my personal challenge to use everything in my pantry before shopping for anything new.

The rules:

1. We can go to the store for no more than one necessary ingredient to make a meal.
2. We can buy milk, eggs and bread whenever needed.
3. We can buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
4. We cannot add anything to our pantry until it is nearly empty.
5. We cannot throw anything in the pantry away unless it is beyond the "sell by" date.
6. When the challenge is over we will fill the pantry with only bulk whole grains, flours, pastas and organic pantry staples. No more canned vegetables, soups, boxed meals, etc. (with the exception of Annie's Organic mac and cheese, of course).

I started two days ago. The first night I made a delicious vegetable soup from scratch and last night I made a whole wheat pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil. I haven't had to supplement yet. Tonight we are having vegetarian shepherds pie and we only need to supplement with the Boca ground "meat". I will keep you updated on my progress every week.

For your pure entertainment, here is a before photo of the pantry.


  1. Have you read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver? It fits in perfect with everything you are saying. I read it when I was home at Christmas and it changed how I think about food. I wish I could implement things from it and eat more locally and organically, but it is very difficult here in Peru. Hopefully when I get back to the States...

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I've started making my own 100% whole wheat bread, it's delicious and perfect for sandwiches. If you would like the recipe, I'd be more than happy to share :) I'm actually pondering buying a mill so I can grind our own wheat...Good luck with your challenge!


  3. Hi Amanda

    If Cammie sends that recipe to you, would you forward it to me? I used to have a bread machine - but lost custody in the divorce. I just love the taste/texture of homemade bread.



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