Nemo on Ice

On Saturday we took Cameron and Olivia to see "Finding Nemo" on Ice. My parents joined us. It was a Christmas present from us to them, of sorts. More like a "Thank you for all you have done for us." I will post a special thank you later.

Since Cameron was about a year, he has loved the movie. He still does and was so excited. We had been talking about it for a month and every time he saw the commercial he would ask "Am I going to see that?"

I didn't take many photos, the lighting wasn't great, but here is one of Olivia and one of Cameron. Olivia loved the show. She was clapping and laughing the whole time. Cameron sat and sucked his thumb and just took it all in.

My Mom and I got into the spirit by donning the Nemo and Bruce hats for a photo.

Not to be outdone, of course, here are Olivia and Grampa taking their turns.

After the show, which was amazing, we went to Wit's fire station. Cameron got to sit in all the trucks. He loved pretending to drive.

I tried on Wit's fire pants and boots. They are really heavy. It's pretty amazing the amount of weight they wear, and still manage to run into (and out of) burning buildings.

It was a long, but very fun, day!

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