From Dr. Sears: "Some babies need help getting back to sleep.

Some "resettlers" or "self-soothers" can go through this vulnerable period without completely awakening, and if they do wake up, they can ease themselves back into a deep sleep. Other babies need a helping hand, voice, or breast to resettle back into deep sleep. Encouraging a baby to sleep too deeply, too soon, may not be in the best survival or developmental interest of the baby. This is why new parents, vulnerable to sleep trainers' claims of getting their baby to sleep through the night, should not feel pressured to get their baby to sleep too long, too deeply, too soon. And keep in mind that other parents usually exaggerate how long their baby sleeps, as if this were a badge of good parenting, which it isn't. It's not your fault baby wakes up."

Olivia is one of those babies that has always needed help. But, finally, she is learning to self soothe and she can sleep for brief periods in her own crib. I'm so happy for the nearly 7-months of co-sleeping and I would not have changed a thing. It definitely bonded us more closely and part of me is sad to let go. But, I know it will be healthy for her to learn to soothe herself, and maybe, finally, Damien and I will have a night without babies in the bed.

Here she is, napping in her crib. I know, she's on her tummy, but she chose to sleep that way. Dr. Albushies said that it is fine, because she can roll over and push herself up. I still lay her on her back, but she always ends up this way!

And here is big brother, taking his nap too. I might get a little time to myself today!

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