I know I keep writing this, but my little baby is so grown up now. He doesn't need help climbing the stairs or sliding down the slide. I just need to keep up with him, which was difficult at times. The playground is great. There is one section that is designed for smaller children, which is what you see in the photos. The slides are shorter and there are no open spaces with "Fire Poles" or other danger zones. Then there is this larger section which I have no photos of because it is filled with ramps and twists and turns and danger. If I paused for a second to take a picture I was afraid Cameron would leap off the side. He and Mia were running (in opposite directions, of course) back and forth on the ramps. Tom and I took turns watching each other's child as they ran by each other. It was exhausting! The sweater Cameron has on is one that his Great Grammy made when Damien and his uncles were babies. It's the first time that one of them has fit during the right season and it looks so cute!

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  1. Great Grammy Timpani has a beautiful big smile on her face right now and I wish we all could see it.


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