27-28/365: Music Together.

My friend Lee.  She is beautiful, kind, giving, funny and fantastic!  I am so lucky to have her in my life.  Last weekend she and her two boys spent the weekend at our house.  The kids had an absolute blast having a sleepover.  The next morning she treated us to a "Music Together" class that she is trying out.  She is a music educator and quite talented.  The class was so much fun for the parents and the kids.

Cameron is my shy guy, but the class was so much fun that he participated in the whole entire thing.  Olivia was having so much fun that I couldn't take a photo of her, but she was there.

Lee's littlest one, Charlie, wearing big brother Casey's boots.  He was so proud.

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  1. My son would've loved to be there. He's all about the music these days!


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