8/365: My Daughter Won't Let Me Order Cake

My kids like to play restaurant.  Cameron writes the order down and Olivia "cooks" my meal.  I am always the customer.  They even give me a check.  Today they asked me to pay with real money!  (They gave it back to me).  They also take credit, just so you know.

Olivia had a turn being the waitress tonight.  When I finished my meal she asked if I wanted dessert.  Knowing we have a play cake, I asked for a piece.  She said "OK!" and started to walk away.  Suddenly, she stopped, turned around and said, "You can't have cake.  You need to have something healthy, like fruit and vegetables."  Ah, my kids are me.  I love it!
"Mommy, you can't have cake.  You can only have fruit and vegetables."

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  1. Gotta love it when they pick up your good habits!


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