22/365: Who Needs A Snowboard?

Not us!  Cameron really, really wants one, but for now we just used the lids to a couple of plastic storage totes.  It did the trick and we had a ton of fun.  During our visit to Nana and Grampa's house in Gilford to watch the Patriot's playoff game, Cameron really wanted to go outside and play.  I am every conscious of the amount of time my kids spend indoors versus outdoors.  With Wii and Nintendo DS I am fearful of one of my kids falling victim to the indoor epidemic that is infecting our country's children.  Unless it poses a threat to their safety, any time one of my kids asks if they can go outside to play I answer with a resounding and enthusiastic "Yes!"

On this particular day I hesitated because I only had snow pants for Cameron.  I was afraid Olivia would be sad if we went outside without her.  Shame on me for not being completely prepared, but Grampa saved the day by offering to play Candy Land with baby girl while Cam and I played outside.

The first thing we did was completely and totally mess up the pristine snowfall across my parents giant yard.  It was a ton of fun!  Cameron could not stop laughing.  We walked his name in the snow and made some snow angels before he asked if we could go sledding.

All the sleds were brought to our house, so we had to improvise with the lids to plastic storage containers.  After a few times down the hill I decided to try standing.  Cameron thought it was pretty cool and we snowboarded together for the next 45 minutes.  I think Cameron needs a snowboard!

Take your kids outside!

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