Day 255 - August 12th, Wanakee Day 6

Oh the games we play!  I learned some new games at Wanakee this year.  Last year there was an awful lot of "What Time is it Mr. Fox?", but this year we broadened our horizons a bit.  In these shots we are playing "Buddy Tag" which was a ton of fun.  We actually had to stop the kids from playing.  I think they would play that one for hours.  It helps that you get to rest if you are not the "it" person or the "runner".

Amanda was a great help to Ross and I during Happy Feet.  She adores those little campers, and they adore her!  Thanks Amanda!

Riley.  A bundle of energy.  But, he might be meditating in this photo, I'm not sure ;)

Chris invited us to use the slip and slide after our swim.  The squeals of delight were constant for a solid fifteen minutes while these Happy Feet slipped and slid all over the place.  Chris was having a pretty good time spraying them too!

I love the dining hall at Wanakee.  I love grace and songs and I love the bonding you do over sharing a meal.  It is important in my home and it is important at Wanakee.  I really got to know my campers over breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After dinner we headed up the hill for our last campfire and some delicious S'mores.  We sang songs and got the kids all sugared up before bed.  Good plan ;)  There were times during Happy Feet that I was concerned I didn't connect with some of the girls, but that night I realized I was wrong.  Each night before bed I would read them a story and sing them the lullabye I sang to Cameron when he was a baby, and Olivia later on.  On our last night, I sang the song and tucked the girls into their sleeping bags.  I noticed a couple of them were crying.  I asked if they were okay and it turned out that they didn't want to leave because they were going to miss me.  How sweet!  One of the girls was really sad because she knew she aged out of Happy Feet and couldn't come back as my camper.  I convinced all the others that I would be back next year and the older girl that she could come to a different camp during my same week.  They kept crying.  Finally I told them I would be right back, that I was going to talk to Ross.  I told Ross what was going on and he suggested that I distract them by talking about school or their favorite movies.  When I got back to the cabin it was quiet and one girl says, "What did Ross say?"  I replied, "He said, 'Tell them I said to go to sleep!'" And they did!  LOL!

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