Day 236 - July 24, Stratham Fair Highlights

I always have to get a fresh squeezed lemonade whenever I go to the fair.  The great thing about the Stratham Fair is that it is in July so it is hot, hot, hot and that lemonade tastes especially delicious!

I know I said that fair rides make me sick, and that is the truth.  The ferris wheel is one of the scariest of all, but my kids were so excited to go on that I got all caught up in the moment and ended up on the ride.  The minute the clanking of those metal sounds could be heard, I knew I would regret my decision.  Sensing my intense fear the wonderful carnie thought it would be cute to stop us at the very top for 10 minutes.  Every time one of the kids moved, I freaked out.  I couldn't stop reading the "Fall Hazard" sign.  I eventually calmed down a little bit, just in time for the descent and the screeching of metal on metal that sounded like the thing would fall apart at any moment.  I caught a shot of Olivia's reaction to the screeching.  If I wasn't clutching Cameron's arm and taking photos, I would have been doing the same exact thing!  My mom was teasing me about being scared and comparing the ride to a larger ferris wheel at Busch Gardens, to which I replied, "Yes, but that one is not taken apart and driven across the country every week!"

 I did get a nice aerial view of my house though!

I love this shot of my Mom and Olivia on the carousel.  Olivia absolutely loves carousels.  I think if we had one in our yard all the time, she would ride it all day long.

There was a petting and feeding zoo, but it was so hot that none of the animals wanted to eat.  It was funny watching the kids walk around with food in their hands and none of the goats were interested.

I think this llama wanted to spit at me.  I was using my 50mm and had to get really close to get a picture.  I think llamas always look annoyed.  Probably because when they show their crazy teeth people laugh at them.  Poor llamas.

The fair is over.  It was a nice four days.  It did not feel too intrusive and I actually didn't want it to end!  Looking forward to next year!!


  1. How fun! Beautiful photos!

  2. That is just too neat! Glad you guys had fun, despite the ferris wheel!


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