Day 221 - July 9th, Super Duper Day of Fun

The day after the day after my surgery I spent the day in the Lakes Region with my kids.  I treated them to a super duper day of fun.  We started out at the Farmer's Market where we bought two pints of raspberries, a brownie and a maple glazed doughnut.  We were all pretty disappointed to discover that the doughnut and pie guy from last year was not there this year.  Then we headed over to the Soda Shoppe, one of our favorite places to hang! Cameron ate every single raspberry while we were waiting for our food!

From there we went to play mini golf.  The kids had a blast.  Olivia made friends with the dog who lives there and the owner let her keep her ball.  (She let Cam keep his too!)

Then we went to the beach.  I didn't realize how windy it was that day.  The waves were like ocean waves on a calm day.  The kids still went in, but they were cold.  I wish this photo was not so blurry, but you will have to cut me a break because I was only two days post-surgery ;)

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