Day 161 - Distracted

I am really distracted lately.  I was so distracted today that I almost forgot all about this project.  I know!  The horror!  I remembered at 3:00 so I snapped this.  I am also so distracted that I have started four different books in the last three weeks, but I have not finished a single one of them.  This too shall pass.

The only thing I am not distracted from is taking care of children.  They always get 100%. 

I'm still trying to work on my focus issues, and still having problems.  But I am posting this anyway.  Any advice?  Settings were 1/160s, f2.8, ISO 400 with my 50mm.


  1. Cute shots! Totally understand about being easily distracted. Not sure about the focus...those setting sound good to me. Did he move at all?

  2. Oh, you'll get through those books in no time! Did you move your focal point around to be on his eyes? Otherwise, I think it's super cute!

  3. hehe love him peeking from behind the book. :)


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