Day 148 - Did We Just Skip Spring??

I'm not one to complain too much about the weather.  I do live in New England, so I am used to crazy weather changes.  It snowed on Saturday and was 40 degrees.  Yesterday it was hot, humid and 80 degrees!  Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  I'm trying really hard not to complain, but is Spring becoming extinct?  60's and sunny with a cool breeze.  That is what I remember Spring being like.  Please come back Spring.  I miss you dearly.

I had a really hard time choosing which photo to put on here for my 365, so I will bless you with the top three.  (OK, it's five, but the last one is a collage so I am counting it as one)

My kids donned their summer clothes today.  In fact, I switched all of our closets and put our Winter coats away.  Olivia comes to all of Cameron's baseball games and she has such a fun time.  She plays with Nana and Grampa, runs around in the grass and helps me to take photos.  Toward the end of the game she put a blanket down and posed for me.  She had her hands under her chin as her pose, but my favorite one is when I caught her in-between poses.

Earlier that day we played outside with Grampa.  The baby got to enjoy some fresh air with us.  Cameron just adores this little guy.  I wish we would be around longer to see him grow.  

Cameron got his first hit in his first game of the season.  His first two at bats were unsuccessful, and he was getting a little discouraged.  Then he connected and he was so happy.  The first baseman for the other team, Sam, was just as happy.  The two just smiled and giggled at each other.  Then Sam started to knock on Cam's helmet.  It was funny to watch and to photograph.  The two had never met but you would never have known you were watching their very first interaction.

Now, do you see why I had such a hard time choosing??


  1. I would have had a hard time choosing too! Love the collage. Congrats to Cameron!

  2. The weather has been absolutely crazy, hasn't it! Yay for the hit! Cute pics.

  3. they all ARE darling shots! i can see why you had a hard time. i'll have to flip over to the project and see which one you finally picked :) thanks for your comment on "discouraged". you gave me some real, honest questions to consider. i'm working on a page that addresses all of them. (it'll be coming soon) so thank you so much for that! blessings!

  4. That picture of Olivia is really pretty!

    And the last three are very cute - I love the way his teammate is looking at him!


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