Day 143 and 144 - Rhubarb and Evelyn

This is my fourth blog post today.  I'm going to start with Day 144 because these photos just rock!!  Actually, this girl rocks!  This is Evelyn, the little girl who will be getting that green dress Olivia was wearing.  She is such a character and we just love her!

Here is yesterday's shot, Day 143.  It's my rhubarb.  Only it is now growing in my Dad's yard.  We do not know when or where we will be moving, but we know it will happen suddenly.  I love my rhubarb and I am happy knowing it is safe and in a place where I can reap the benefit anytime I want :)


  1. What a cutie! that rhubarb looks interesting, I've never had it before. It's good in pies right?

  2. LOVE the little faces she is making...hahaha!

    Her little dress instantly reminded me of Rainbow Brite!!

  3. What an expressive face! She is so cute!:)


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