Day 130 - Pipes and Drums and Hockey, Oh My!

 This was my first time at a Pipe and Drum show. My friend Don plays the bagpipes, so I brought the family to a competition he was participating in. The kids loved it! They were fascinated by all the men in skirts and when the pipes and drums started they could not stop smiling. When Don came out to play it was pretty spectacular for them. When he was done, so were they :)

On a side note, my four year old is smitten with my friend Don. It's so cute! 

We spent some time out in the sunshine after the performance before heading to Manchester for a Hockey game.  Olivia and Cameron had races in the grass.  Olivia is usually looking down at her shadow when she runs, but I caught this shot of her looking up, and I love it!

Battle Of The Badges at the Verizon Wireless Arena with friends this evening.  It was a ton of fun!  The kids had a blast playing together and I got to spend some more time talking with grown ups.  A SAHM could get used to this!


  1. What a fun day!! I would love to hear a bagpipe competition. I just may have to look it up and see if there is something like that around here. That photo of your daughter is so sweet. I really like your processing on it! And those hockey photos are priceless!!

  2. What fun! My father was born and raised in Scotland and I have always been fascinated with the pipes. Your little Olivia is a beauty!

  3. I love the shot you got of Olivia! Sounds like you've been having fun.

  4. I would have loved to go to something like that. I bet the sound was just incredible.

    Cute outside photos of the kiddos!


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