Chalk Art

Even with the husband away all week I managed to get the kids dressed, fed and ready with an hour to spare before the bus came on two separate days.  I even fed the dogs and took them out, did laundry and dishes before 8 a.m.  It's days like those that I feel like a Supermom (even though I am far from one!)

On those days the kids and I went out to play at my parents house before school.  My Dad has an old RV that belonged to my Uncle who was a hoarder.  It is filled with stuff that the kids think are treasures.  One morning they found a bag of decorative river rocks.  They started out just making snowmen and faces with them, but then the creative juices started flowing and this is what they ended up with.  Can anyone tell what it is?


  1. A volano, mountains, a river, and the sun!! You did a good job Supermom.

  2. Wow, you are amazing. I'm lucky if the kids are ready 5 minutes early in the morning, and usually we're 5 minutes late.

    I see a volcano....

  3. You ARE a supermom! We barely make it out the door on time. I don't think we've ever been ready an hour early. I see a volcano.

  4. Great idea to capture. A volcano, sun, and a horse galloping? :)

  5. Fire-breathing dragon!?! Supermom, you are! :)

  6. Great for you, Amanda!

    I like the rock art. I'm not sure what it is, but I think the twig on the right is a snout. ???


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