Day 135 - Children's Authors Tea

One of our local communities hosted a Children's Author's Tea this evening.  It was a free event at the Belknap Mill in Laconia.  My Mom and I took the kids and they had so much fun.  There were seven or eight local-ish childrens authors there selling and signing their books.  My Mom bought each of them a book that they chose themselves.  Cameron picked "Lucky the Lobster Buoy" by Karel Hayes.  It is a wonderful book with beautiful illustrations.  The beginning and ending have words, but the middle is just pictures so it is wonderful to look at the pictures and let the kids come up with their own words.  Olivia chose "Just Sniffing Around" by Kathy Brodsky.  It's a sweet story told from the viewpoint of a pet dog.  The illustrations are also great and actually are portraits of a real family and their dog.

I love that my kids love reading!

Here is my 365 photo:

And here are a couple of extras.  My kids are so focused during any sort of story time.  I read about 20 books a day (on average) to one or the other or both of my kids.  Olivia is even starting to read words now, and it is so amazing!!  Please ignore the red dye #40 lollipop that Cameron is finishing and the horrible blur of the photo!

 After the event we grabbed a bite at the Soda Shoppe where Nana spent a lot of time reading books!  Thanks for coming, Mom, and for the books, and for all the time you dedicate to these kids.  I really appreciate it.

The hubby comes home tomorrow!  Haven't seen him since Saturday.


  1. How fun! Love how enthralled they are and that they love reading and books so much.

  2. I love that my kids love books, but I think yours might even love them more. You've got some pretty serious readers there.

  3. I have a wonderful collection of books for my children's childhood. There is nothing like a good book.

  4. Books are great LOVE them. I like their intent faces :-)

  5. I love these photos! First one, I thought.. I like this one best! Then I saw the second, and the third.. LOL I like them all!


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