Day 84 - Portrait~joy of LOVE, Day 22

Thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post.  I am in love with that photo :)  Chelsea, I will definitely be framing it with her shoes.  Thank you so much for the idea!  Bre, the star on her left shoe is to remind her (and me) which shoe is her left :)

Still following the joy of LOVE series. Prompt today was portrait. I stretched the rules a little. There was not supposed to be anything else in the shot, but I could not resist this shot. I bought these flowers while Olivia was at school so I could practice some macro shots (didn't go well, but I will post some of those anyway). When Olivia came home and saw the flowers she said, "Oh, Mommy. Did you buy these, they are so beautiful." She sat down next to them and caressed them and cooed at them and just loved them. So I just started snapping away. 


  1. It's funny how we can start out with one idea for a shot and then end up somewhere completely different. I guess it all goes with the saying that you've got to go with flow and take what presents itself to you, and how could you resist that sweet little face!?

  2. So cute! I love her little expression! ;)

  3. So sweet. I love when my girls are so entranced by simple things like that. It really warms my heart when they notice and take such an interest in the beauty they see around them.

  4. She is gorgeous. I love all your pics in this series! xo

  5. A true little lady.

    I like the soft colors in this picture.


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