Day 63 - What They Do (joy of LOVE-Day 1)

the joy of LOVE is a free online photography course that I signed up for during the whole month of February.  It is hosted by willette photography.  Every day I receive an e-mail with a photo assignment, some tips, and occasionally a tutorial.  The idea of the class is to focus your photography on the people you love for the entire month of February.  Cool, huh?
Today is Day One.  The assignment is to capture our loved one doing what they do.  Unfortunately this is one of Damien's shift days.  How I would have loved to have made him dress up in his uniform so I could take a picture.  Maybe, when we move close to the job, I will stalk him on calls and take secret photos of him ;)  That would be hilarious!

So, today I focused on the two Camerons.  My son, Cameron, is 6 and the little boy we care for during the day, Cameron, is not quite 2.  They adore each other.  Whenever Big Cameron is around, Little Cameron cannot get enough of him.  It is so cute!

There is still time to join!  It's fun, you should click the button above and check it out!


  1. Cute photo! Cute Camerons!

    Class sounds fun huh! I am excited to have someone promopting my creativity each day.

  2. You can see how much they enjoy each other. Great capture and cute they have the same name. Makes it easier on you when you call them ;)

  3. They are adorable! Love the way little ones really look up to the older kids in their lives :O)

  4. Precious!!! Big Cameron's expression is so authentic and happy.

  5. He he. Too cute.


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