This Week in Our Dining Room - Week Two

Last week's menu plan was a success!  I only grocery shopped once (well, my husband did) and we stuck to the menu.  We did not eat out at all and I am looking forward to this week's menu.
  • Monday - Chicken Quesadillas, Spanish Rice (from scratch), guacamole and tortilla chips (Corona for the Mama)
  • Tuesday - Crockpot sausage, chicken and shrimp gumbo served over white rice with American-style potato salad
  • Wednesday - Huevos Rancheros, leftover spanish rice, and more guacamole.  I always have leftover Mexican fixings when I do one Mexican meal, so there is enough to do two Mexican meals and save some $$
  • Thursday - Shepard's Pie (because I didn't make it last week as I forgot we would be in NY)
  • Friday - Pizza Night!!!
  • Saturday - leftovers or Brinner (breakfast for dinner)
What are you having for dinner this week?


  1. Yum, that sounds fantastic and good for you keeping to your menu. We're big on parfaits for breakfast with fresh yogurt from our nearby farm and we're having my great-grandmother's all-in-one spaghetti and meatballs tonight for dinner!! I'm hungry already. Good luck with all your meals. Sorry I didn't answer your question early about the software and RAW. I just ordered PSE9 (they're having a $20 mail-in rebate deal through Amazon--so it comes out to $59). Then Adobe has a software (already loaded on the PSE--but downloadable from the Adobe website) it's called ACR, I believe and you can get your RAW converted through that!

  2. I LOVE huevos rancheros!!!! Yummmmmo!


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