Day 59 - Dominoes

Damien and I were both home with Olivia today.  While Cameron was at school we were blessed with lots of time with our baby girl.  She loves to play games and do puzzles.  Today we played Memory, Ear Tug (a cool German game) and then she pulled out the dominoes.  My husband cringed, but my first thought was "Sweet.  Should make for some cool photos!"

Had my shutter speed on 1/8 s. and the camera was on the floor.  ISO was 800 and the aperture was f/14.  I was trying for a wider depth of field so Olivia would be a little more in focus, but it didn't work as planned.

Damien and I just got home from seeing 127 Hours with our friend Tyler.  It was an incredible movie. 

Stay tuned for one of my more in-depth posts as Olivia and I had a glorious day today and I really want to blog about it!


  1. Ohhh, I love the perspective! Great shots!

  2. Cool! I love the action shot!

  3. I looove the action shot! Just found your blog today from a mention elsewhere. It is great! :)

  4. Very cool, despite the fact that Olivia isn't totally tack sharp, I love the action in the shot!!

  5. All three are wonderful, but the action shot is SOOOOO COOL!


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