'Twas the Night

And oh what a night it was!  The evening began with Chinese food, as does every Christmas Eve since I can remember.  It was delicious, and nobody had to clean their kitchen later.  Perfect!

Then it was off to Christmas Eve service at our church.  The kids were very excited to hear Mommy and Nana play the bells.  I was nervous.  There were A LOT of people there!  But the bells, the choir, the soloists all sounded beautiful.  The service was wonderful.  Cameron was thrilled to hold a lit candle during Silent Night. 

During the Children's Sermon our pastor handed out candy canes.  She must have known they needed a little sugar boost right before bed.  Oh well, it's Christmas and the kids were so happy to be eating a candy cane in church.

When we got home, it was late.  Right into pajamas, sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn, put cookies out for Santa and off to bed they went.  Santa has come to the Sevin house and I look forward to Cameron and Olivia's faces as they come down the stairs to see this:

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