365 - Unto You a Child is Born

Day 12

"Unto you a child is born."  And unto you a star is born!  Olivia was a sheep in the pageant at church this morning, but silly me I forgot my memory card.  In the afternoon I asked if she would like to be an angel in the live nativity and she said yes.  She is so agreeable.  Cameron is going through a shy phase, so he is content to watch.  The costume she is wearing is mine from when I was in a Christmas pageant 33 years ago.  The garland on her head is from our tree (shhh, don't tell Damien!)
She was a perfect little angel.  She followed the other angel everywhere and stood in her place looking, well, angelic.  Many compliments were given after the production.  I should have videotaped, but I didn't even think about it, but you have got to believe me when I tell you she took my breath away!

In the evening my Mom and I took the kids to the Community Church for a spaghetti dinner and Christmas concert.  The kids were so well-behaved for having had such a long day.  Olivia's eyes lit up when the quartet sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and Cameron sang along with some of the songs he knew.  At one point the quartet sang "Butterfly Kisses" and told a story about the bass singer having to perform it at his daughter's wedding and not making it through the song.  Wouldn't you know that I was holding back tears?  Then, apparently my Mom explained to Olivia why the man had cried, but all I heard was Olivia say, loudly, "Mommy, I'm NEVER getting married!"

Today was a very busy day for the kids and I.  Damien took an overtime shift, so I was (once again) solo parenting.  We are starting to miss him.  It is only going to get worse when he starts at Hampton and he is gone every week for four nights in a row.  I broke the news to the kids today (about the job, not about moving) and they were sad.  Cameron almost cried.  Oh, I so dread telling him we are moving in the Summer...


  1. I love your 365 blog- it is so great to document these special moments in your life. Olivia is adorable.

  2. That picture is beautiful! So sweet...


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