365 - Squishy Good Time

Day 10

Today was a little bit crazy for us.  A phone call at 6 a.m. got us out of bed.  A friend needed childcare and asked if I could help.  Of course!  We love babies and we love our friends, and I'm always willing to help.  With two under the age of two in the house, the day can really escape me.  Olivia had a great day playing with the little ones and often spent solitary time playing with her toys.  But with an extra child in the house, I was too busy to get out my camera.

After the babies left and it was just my little family, I asked the kids if they wanted to play with Play-Doh.  I was met with an eye roll from my husband, which I tactfully ignored.  The kids were excited.  They love to "make cookies" and dug right in to the squishy good time.  After a few minutes I took out my camera and shot photos of the Play-Doh mess fun!

I received a tip from another 365 blogger today that I would like to share:

  It is intense and there WILL be times that you want to quit. Something that helps me is that I don't always post everyday. I'm always taking pics, but can't always get around to editing them/etc immediately (I've got 4 kids that always demand my attention first :) So don't stress over that. Also, some pics are just gonna suck. I take lots of iPhone pics too, because it gets tiresome to always carry your dslr everywhere. Just keep on clicking with whatever you have, know that they all aren't going to be great, and that's ok!  Robyn

In the back of my mind I knew all of this, but it was nice to have someone who has been there give me a little encouragement.  She is almost done with her Project 365 and I am super impressed!

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  1. Kids love play dough! It keeps them happier longer than anything else!


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