I struggle to find the words to describe Olivia.  She is full of energy, smart as a whip, emotional, stubborn, particular, happy, loving, gentle when it counts, and super snuggly.  But this does not really describe her.  You really have to meet her to understand what we all mean when we say she is a character!  And all who know her cannot help but love her.

On Monday I took both kids to the grocery store.  I had been having a particularly trying day.  Baby Cameron was in a very bad mood, Olivia was being a "character" and Cameron came home from school and immediately started testing his boundaries.  Thankfully, they were perfect angels in the grocery store.  We saw a few people we knew and they were on their best behavior.  We were only there to get the fixings for grilled cheese and tomato soup.  On the way to the dairy section, I came across the "COLD BEER" aisle and turned the cart down the aisle.  I was standing in front of the cooler for a couple minutes trying to decide just what cold beverage I would treat myself with.  I'm usually good for about half a beer every three or four days.  I know, I should take it easy!  Anyway, Olivia realized where we were and I want to share our conversation.  Mind you, there were three or four other shoppers within ear shot of this conversation:

Olivia:  "Mommy, what are you doing?"
Me:  "I'm thinking of buying some Sam Winter."
Olivia:  "But Mommy, I thought you don't drink beer anymore?"
Me (my face turning many shades of red):  "No, I gave up coffee, remember?"
Olivia:  "Oh.  Well, I don't want you to drink beer anymore."

I put my head down and walked out of the beer aisle.  I can only imagine the bystanders were thinking I was some terrible Mommy with such a bad alcohol problem that my three year old is begging me not to buy beer!  I laughed all the way to the dairy aisle.

That's my Olivia!

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  1. Oh my goodness is that funny!!

    Whenever we see a bottle of wine at a restaurant, friend's house, etc, Noah always says, "Mommy wine." You know, there's that whole one glass month or so that I drink,but to him all wine is mine--the things that come out of their mouths;-)


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